Asian Pacific Society of Respirology--亚太呼吸病协会



  The APSR is registered1 as a non-profit organisation (NPO), which means any surplus funds are retained for use by the Society, and not distributed as dividends to its members. This corporate status also means that the APSR's accounts are independently audited. However, the NPO status does not exempt the APSR from paying tax, and the Society needs your help to redress this.

  To attain organizational tax exemption status, the APSR needs a minimum number of relatively small donations, and details are shown on the list of donors and also the donation form.

  The purpose of the donation is twofold: First, to increase our educational opportunities to young researchers and enrich the contents of seminars, making them more beneficial. Second, each donation of US$40 or more will count towards the Society's goal to be exempt from paying tax. This in turn will increase the amount available for activities in promoting healthcare training, research, education and advocacy in the Asia-Pacific region.